Cricket Final on Highest International ground | GDA Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament Criterion TV Network always a step ahead to provide infotainment, entertainment and latest news and trends to its audience. To explore Pakistan is the format of our channel which provides unique events covering unexplored scenic beauties of Pakistan. This video is sponsored by Financials Unlimited, Pakistan’s 1st Ai based Fintech solution provider. Recently Galyyat Development Authority 2020 (GDA) organised Interdepartmental cricket tournament in Khanaspur Ayubia. CTV privileged to cover Final match of that tournament between Elite Force Abbottabad and High-court Bar Abbottabad in worlds highest cricket playground. To grace the occasion Mr. Raza Habib (DG-GDA) and Mr. Riaz Mehsud Commissioner Hazara invited as guest. Finger crossed Elite Force Abbottabad won this nail biting match with margin but the whole event ends up with grace. Khanaspur Ayubia cricket stadium is worlds highest and most beautiful cricket stadium around the world and the cricket event in these shrubs are mesmerising which adds butter on bread. Please don’t forget to click like button and subscribe to our channel.

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