CTV Network conducted a very informative session with Prof: Dr. Ayub Jadoon (Professor in University of Science and Technology Abbottabad), in Question and Answer session Dr. Ayub Jadoon explained his research article and explained pre-existence of corona virus and consider current wave as second wave of covid19. He elaborated that low mortality rate and high recovery ratio of people of subcontinent and Africa comparative to rest of world is due to good immunity. He treated prevailing wave as a second wave of covid19 which he further explained in this program. He focused on risk factors and emphasized on follow up of proper SOPs as issued by World Health Organization (https://www.who.int ) in preexistence of second wave of and coming wave of covid19. We know that there is no vaccination available for this deadly virus anywhere in the world and risk of second wave and expected third wave is still there till availability of covid19 vaccine. We at CTV Network are passionate to bring useful information to our audience which not only addresses customer need it also plays pivotal role in community awareness.

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