Covid19 treatment by Plasma transfusion is the part of passive immunization practice popularly followed around the world in these days of Corona Virus Pandemic. We know that there is no vaccination available for this deadly virus anywhere in the world, by passive immunization practice Covid19 treatment by plasma transfusion is possible. This practice in Covid19 treatment by plasma increased its demand of donor for treatment of critical Covid19 patients. CTV Network conducted a very informative session with Prof: Dr. Ayub Jadoon, Asst Professor, Department of Microbiology in University of Science and Technology Abbottabad. In Question and Answer session Dr. Ayub Jadoon explained his research article on covid19 treatment by plasma focused on role and importance of Monoclonal antibodies which exists in blood plasma and its role in Covid19 treatment by plasma. He further elaborated blood plasma structure and Covid19 treatment by plasma Antibodies and emphasized that instead of complete plasma transfusion only monoclonal antibodies are feasible for Covid19 treatment virus. He added that complete blood plasma transfusion can cause adverse effects to patients and may be very risky whereas monoclonal Antibody transfusion is safe and effective. We at CTV Network are passionate to bring useful information to our audience which not only addresses customer need it also plays pivotal role in community awareness.

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